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About us

For decades already, a large number of renowned companies, organizations and institutions of any sizes as well as private persons have expressed their satisfaction, gratitude and confidence in our services. In numerous references, our customers particularly appreciate our experience and expertise.
My name is Jörg Eckhardt. I have been working as an interpreter and translator for several European languages for a long time. I also work as a teacher and lecturer for German and other languages as well as intercultural communication at all levels and within various specialist areas, furthermore as a coach, editor and consultant.
In the 1990s I started an agency for language services and a mail order company for specialist dictionaries, language literature, language and translation software.

In earlier days the business was operated from the Berlin and Leipzig regions, whereas the current base is located in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region, the leading economic area with headquarters and branches of countless international companies being around.
These activities have resulted in a long experience in event management, organization, logistics, purchasing, selling, distributing, marketing and brokering goods and services within a cooperative network of professional and competent partners, interpreters, translators, teachers and lecturers.
Mutual understanding and confidence are closely connected with people, countries, cultures, society and history. In an interacting world of constant changes with intercultural and global communication we find ourselves faced with new challenges every day.
We will be happy to provide you with consultation, support and assistance in difficult language situations, and also as mediators for communication problems and conflicts in both private and business areas related to any of these topics:

  • mother tongue, foreign languages and conversation,
  • fast, efficient and cost-saving learning methods,
  • communication, cultures and mentalities,
  • rhetoric, conversation management and discussion strategies,
  • presentations and negotiations,
  • intercultural conflict management and problem solutions,
  • target group oriented and professional interpreting and translations,
  • creation of texts in your own language as well as in other languages,
  • tutoring for all school types, vocational training and studies,
  • brokering services and many other interesting, exciting and fascinating topics.

Whatever questions or concerns you may have, do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone. Together we will  find answers and solutions.

Mathildenbadstr. 27
74206 Bad Wimpfen (Region Stuttgart)
Tel.: 07063/26797070
Mobil: 0176/50458969

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